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This tutorial is about how to add a first simple product to an Arcavias webshop and to make it available for customers in the front end.

It is assumed, that you have a fresh Arcavias installation without any additional content added to the database.

Only the necessary entries are covered here. For a complete guide to all possible contents and settings for products like texts, images, time frames, product bundles, warehouse etc. please see section Managing content in the administration interface reference.

Before we start, here is an overview, what we will do:

  1. Create the product itself
  2. Create a category for the product
  3. Create a price for the product
  4. Activate the site in the front end
  5. Rebuild the database index

Please note:

You have to edit and save a product (with or without changes) again, after creating a category and assigning the product to it. This must be done to include the category in the database index of the product. Then rebuild the database index.

In this example we will edit the product (adding a price) after creating the category. So the product will be saved again after the assignment to the category, if you follow the instructions in this tutorial in proper order.

Steps to create a product visible in the front end

Login to the Arcavias back end.

Create the product itself:

  1. Tab Product:
    • click button Add
  2. new window Product opens, tab Basic, section Details:
    • fill required fields Code and Label
    • click tab Text
  3. new tab Text opens, section Available Texts:
    • click button Add
  4. new window Text opens, tab Basic:
    • select "Name" from selection box Type
    • select "English" from selection box Language
    • enter "My product name" in field Content to give your product a name
    • click Save
  5. old window Product, tab Text opens again:
    • click Save

Create a category for the new product:

  1. tab Catalog:
    • click button Add
  2. new window Catalog opens, tab Basic:
    • fill required fields Code and Label
  3. still window Catalog, tab Product, section Available Products:
    • drag & drop your product to section Associated Products
    • click Save

Create a price for the new product:

  1. tab Product:
    • double click on product
  2. new window Product opens, tab Price, section Available Prices:
    • click button Add
  3. new window Price, tab Basic, section Details:
    • select one currency in selection box Currency
    • fill fields Actual price, Given rebate amount, Shipping costs per item and Tax rate in percent
    • click Save
  4. window Price closes, old window Product appears again:
    • click Save

Activate the site in the front end:

  1. tab Locale:
    • double click row with value "en" in column Language ID
  2. new window Locale item details opens, tab Basic:
    • select value "enabled" in selection box Status
    • click Save.

That's it! Now you can check, if the product is available in the front end for customers. If you still see nothing, you might have to update the database index, see How to rebuild the index.

See also

For more information about concepts, elements, fields and values of the administration interface see administration interface.